Rangoli Decoration Set Paisley, Mess Free - Set of 7 Mat, 6 inches tall for Weddings, Puja, Diwali, Home Decor, Entryway Door


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As my girls were growing up I wanted them to learn the art of Rangoli but realized that I wanted something "mess free". Furthermore, I regularly made Rangoli during festivals and occasion but out here in the US I got tiered of sweeping/vacuuming Rangoli off the floor as no matter how hard I tried (even with a Dyson), it just took forever to clean off.

That's when I created "Mess Free Rangoli Mat".

Each Kit Includes
> 7 Rangoli Mat
> 6 paisley mat's 6 inch tall each .
> 1 centre piece mat 5 inch wide.
> 4 bottles Rangoli in a bottle with a nozzle. (colors are blue, pink, orange, green) ~50gm/1.8 oz each.

Kid & Mom Friendly: This is kid tested by my 6 year twins and their friends. The pattern allows just about everyone to fill Rangoli and place it in the desired spot with very little chance of spillage. I would recommend this to anyone above 5+ years age. This is a great gift for yourself or your extended family and friends as this is a great product to be used by anyone looking to draw a rangoli.

Material & Size: The Rangoli's mat is made of thick foam hand glued together in a way to create a unique base that makes it possible to fill in the mat with Rangoli. It gives the same look of the traditional Rangoli (with a white border) but without all the mess.

Usage: Place the Rangoli pattern next to the entrance to your home, use as decoration for puja, as Diwali decoration and so much more. If you have furry friends or other small animals just tape it light to the floor so it's not easily moved. The mat are also water proof and float so you can use it as a floating decoration.

Decoration: Decorate with Rangoli (included). You can also use other things that might be available in your homes such as flowers, dal, rice, pulses, beads, pom pom's.

Reusable: Use it over and over again. Once done just toss the Rangoli sand away in the dustbin and try new colors all over again.

Bulk orders welcome, Please message for more information.

Materials: Foam