Navratri Dandiya Sticker Sheet - Kanya Pujan Gift - 11 stickers on 1 sticker sheet


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Navratri - means nine nights

Dandiya is a dance form that is played during Navratri.

Dandiya - In this dance, both men and women energetically dance with colorful and decorated bamboo sticks, striking them to the beats of instruments like the dholak and tabla. The dance is a beautiful way of re-creating the battle that took place between the Devi and the demon.

The colorful sticks used during Dandiya represent the sword of Goddess Durga, which is why this dance form is also known as 'The Sword Dance.' The sounds of the instruments playing are reminiscent of the metallic clangs that may be heard on the battlefield.

Women wear ghagra (long skirt), the choli (blouse) and odhni (shawl). Men wear traditional dhotis and kurtas. Mirrorwork is, again, a signature design of these costumes.

Materials: Glossy Sticker Paper