Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Symbols - 13 stickers on 1 sticker sheet


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Decorative stickers featuring Hindu gods, goddesses and symbols. Use it to educate and or decorate greeting cards, envelopes, gift wrappings, children's scrapbooks and much much more. Many of this symbolism are particular relevant during Diwali.

From (left to right and top to bottom)

1. Toran, 'Toranam, also known as Bandanwal, refer to a decorative door hanging in Hinduism, usually decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, or a string that is tied on the door with the flower on it as a part of traditional Hindu culture on the occasion of festivals and weddings

2. Lord Ram

3. Brahm

4. Vishnu

5. Ganesh

6. Krishna

7. Laxmi

8. Mahesh/Shiv

9. Saraswati

10. Hanuman

11. Hindu Svastika - The word svastika in Sanskrit means “that which brings good luck and well-being” su means “good” and asti means “is".

12. Om

13. Laxmi's feet

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