Hanuman Jigsaw Puzzle Game - 8 x 6 inches - Made in USA - Return Gift for Kids for Pooja | Puja


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Give your kids, nieces & nephews a gift for puzzle of Hanuman - Use the jigsaw puzzle with the image of Hanuman and use this as a teaching aid.

Made in USA to Order. Original Item. First ever Hanuman Puzzle

All puzzles are approximately 7.8 inches by 5.7 inches. Each puzzle has 20 pieces suitable for 4+ years old. Kid Friendly designed. Bulk pricing available for 5+ pieces.

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Hanuman is a very important and fascinating character from ancient Indian stories. He's loved by many because of his amazing qualities and the lessons he teaches us. Let's explore why Hanuman is so special:

Super Strength: Hanuman is incredibly strong. He can lift heavy things and perform tasks that others can't. This reminds us that we should use our strength for good and to help others.

Devotion to Lord Rama: Hanuman is known for his deep love and devotion to Lord Rama. He helped Lord Rama rescue his wife Sita from a demon king. Hanuman teaches us the value of loyalty and standing by our friends and family in times of need.

Bravery: Hanuman faced many challenges fearlessly. He crossed oceans, fought demons, and even leaped to the sun thinking it was a fruit! He shows us that being brave and confident can help us overcome our fears.

Intelligence: Hanuman was very smart and wise. He used his intelligence to solve problems and think of creative solutions. He's a reminder that being clever can help us find solutions to tricky situations.

Humility: Despite having incredible powers, Hanuman was humble and never showed off. He teaches us that being humble and kind is important, no matter how talented we are.

Helping Others: Hanuman always helped those in need. He showed kindness to everyone and helped many beings in his adventures. This teaches us the importance of helping and caring for others.

Symbol of Goodness: Hanuman is a symbol of goodness, courage, and selflessness. His stories inspire us to be good and kind in our actions.

Monkey King: In some stories, Hanuman is even a king of monkeys! This shows us that leadership comes with responsibility and taking care of those under your care.

Friendship: Hanuman's friendship with Lord Rama and his allies is very special. He teaches us the value of true friendship and standing by our friends.

Overall, Hanuman is a beloved because he embodies qualities like strength, loyalty, bravery, and kindness. His stories have important messages that can help us become better people. Just like Hanuman, we should use our strengths for good, help others, and always stand up for what's right.

Materials: chipboard