Elephant Stickers - Decorative/Ornate/Indian Elephant Stickers - 11 stickers on 1 sticker sheet


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Which country comes to mind first, when talking of elephants? India! For some reason, people have always connected elephants with India when surprisingly enough, it's not even the country’s national animal! This is perhaps because only in India elephants are elaborately decorated, painted and celebrated like nowhere else in the world. This sticker collection highlights the various ways elephants are ornately decorated. Use it to stylize your crafts, greeting cards, gift wraps and much more more.

Elephants also hold a great significance in Hindu mythology. One, as the custom vehicle of Lord Indra who is considered as the god of heaven in the Hindu culture. And second, the elephant is believed to have offered his head to Lord Ganesha, who was once beheaded by his own angry father. Hence the elephant is not only celebrated but also respected and prayed by the Hindus

When Hindus worship the elephant, they symbolically worship these admirable qualities of the animal. Obedience, ability to not repeat past mistakes and respect and care towards peers. The elephant represents qualities of a good disciple in the Hindu culture. The big ears of an elephant are symbolic of how one should listen more than speak. When he needs to accomplish a certain task, physical pain, tiredness, hunger and thirst are no obstacles and elephants do not fear anything or anybody, and yet, they are extremely docile beings.

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Materials: Glossy Sticker Paper

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