Diwali themed Washi tapes - Set of 4 unique Washi Tapes featuring Diya, Sparklers, Toran, Banner pattern


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Get this one of a kind, original pack of Diwali themed Washi tapes that are 15mm in height and 10 meters in total length to decorate your home this season. Use the tape to

> Decorate tea-lights.
> Add on to Greeting Cards or Envelopes they are mailed into.
> Wrap Gifts.
> Decorate your space during "Diwali Pooja".
> Paste it on the entrance of your door or on any surface such as a window in your home.
... Checkout our instagram @diwalicraft for more Washi Tape ideas that will delight you.

Set of tapes 4 unique designs with the following design elements
> "Happy Diwali" - a tape that has the lettering "Happy Diwali" printed on it in the form of a banner.
> "Garland" - a garland/toran style washi tape designed.
> "Diya" - a mix of modern/traditional diya designs. Background color is white
> "Fireworks" - a blend of fireworks and traditional/modern Diya's. Background color is white.

I have tried to make the product images to be as realistic as possible. Washi tape by nature is not self reflective or vibrant so there will be some perceived discrepancies in color that might also wary depending on the kind of surface you stick them on.

For those new to the world of Washi tape - it is can be best described as a decorative masking tape. It is a paper tape that is durable, lightweight and made from natural fibers. The adhesive is lightweight and is easy to remove without causing damage and affixed again - hence it make it a great add-on for all sorts of craft project.

Materials: Washi Tape Paper

Made in USA