Diwali Themed Stencils for Kids - 25+ Patterns, 6 Colorful Stencils for Rangoli, Art, Painting, Diwali Kids Favors


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This is unique, one of a kind, Diwali themed stencil set that will spark your kids imagination on all things Diwali. Using this stencils your kids can trace and color to make a huge range of Diwali shapes.

You will get 6 stencils in 6 wonderful colors that allow you to trace shapes :
> Diya's - 4 unique shapes
> Lanterns
> Trace out - Happy Diwali
> Stars - 2 unique shapes
> Rocket/Fireworks - 3 unique shapes
> Ladoos
> Lotus Flower
> Om
> Swastik
> Flower Pot (fireworks)
> Mandala design

The stencils are flexible are about (0.5mm thick). My 5 year twins have no issues playing with it so it's definitely kid tested. For younger kids given that some shapes are intricate you might have to do a bit of hand holding but for majority of the shapes they should be able to go on their own.

You can use a pencil to trace the shapes or color the shapes directly (stencil is washable).

Each stencil is about 6x6 inches and has rounded corners.

> Diwali Themed Stencil set – high quality drawing stencil kit including 6 stencils with huge variety of Diwali themed shapes 25+

> Reusable and washable.

> Perfect for kids this Diwali season - enhances children imagination, keep them busy at home or on the go, promote hand-eye coordination, help through learning letters and number, as well as color recognition.

Discount available for bulk party orders (10 or more).

Materials: Plastic