Diwali Stickers for Kids


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This sticker sheet combines some of the best symbols and imagery of Diwali

Sticker sheet features multi-colored designs that is sure to bring joy to both kids and adults. Use it to decorate greeting cards, envelopes, gift wrappings, children's scrapbooks and much much more.

Featuring stickers that show images/symbols/words that represent

1. Happy Diwali - English
2. Ladoos
3. Ganapati
4. Diwali lights
5. Swastik (Hindu religious symbol)
6. Sparklers
7. Diwali diya
8. Mandala design
9. Lantern
10. Star
11. Rangoli pattern
12. Elephant
13. Laxmi Steps
14. Flower pot - sparklers

15. Om
16. Kalash
17. Lotus flower
18. Women with folded hands.
19. Trio of Diwali diyas
20. Happy Diwali - Hindi

We as a family have always loved getting into the spirit of Diwali and nothing bring joys to kids than stickers. Our twins have loved peeling these stickers (and sticking them in places we wish they wouldn't :( ) but they are nonetheless a fun way to get kids engaged to get them excited about Diwali.

Your sticker sheet will be carefully packaged in a rigid kraft envelope to make sure that it reaches you safe and sound in 3 to 5 business days after processing (within the US) via USPS First Class Mail.

** Note: Small reminder that screens on our devices are all different. Colors presented on the screen may be slightly different from actual print due to these variations.

Handmade item

Materials: Glossy Sticker Paper

Made to order

Made in USA