Diwali Decoration Craft Kit for kids - Makes Paper Lantern, Diya and greeting cards - A fun Diwali Gift & Activity for full family


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Want to gift something special to your kids, nieces & nephews this Diwali? Every year leading up to Diwali my family makes lots of handmade crafts to brighten our home. I have picked the best of those arts & crafts designs and have pre-cut and packaged them in a box. Comes in a brand new box

Everything that you need to assemble the craft is included. Colors might wary from picture shown but always include bright colors that kids universally love (red, yellow, orange, pink, green).

Lantern - 5
Greeting Card - Diya Shape - 1
Greeting Card - Candle Shape - 1
Greeting Card Envelope - 2 pieces
Foam Diya - 10 pieces

For Decoration
Stickers - 1 pieces
Glue - 1 piece
Double Sided tape - 10 pieces (to stick Diya's on to wall/doors).
Instructions to make Diya's and Lanterns.

Also included is multi-color and glitter paper based shapes and rhinestones that you can use to adorn your creation. Instructions are easy to follow. For little kids (< 5 years), I would advise parent supervision as some hand holding might be required but for bigger kids they should be able to take the kit and start making things on their own.

The kit comes wrapped in a beautiful looking box and will spark interest and curiosity particularly for young ones.

Materials: Card Stock,Glossy Sticker Paper,Glitter Paper,Glue