Ashtavinayak Ganesh - Eight Ancient Holy Temples of Ganesh and Idols within them


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Decorative stickers featuring eight Ganeshas - "Ashtavinayak". Use it to educate and or decorate greeting cards, envelopes, gift wrappings, children's scrapbooks and much much more.

From (left to right and top to bottom)

1. Shree Mayureshwar
2. Shree Siddhivinayak
3. Shree Ballaleshwar
4. Shree Varadvinayak
5. Shree Chintamani
6. Shree Girijatmak
7. Shree Vigneshwar
8. Shree Mahaganapati

Ashtavinayaka (Marathi: अष्टविनायक) literally means "eight Ganeshas" in Sanskrit. Ganesh is the Hinduism/Hindu deity of unity, prosperity, learning, and removing obstacles. The term refers to eight Ganeshas. Ashtavinayaka yatra trip refers to a pilgrimage to the eight Hindu temples in Maharashtra state of India that house eight distinct idols of Ganesh, in a pre-ascertained sequence. The Ashtavinayak yatra or pilgrimage covers the eight ancient holy temples of Ganesh which are situated around Pune. Each of these temples has its own individual legend and history, as distinct from each other as the murtis in each temple. The form of each murti of Ganesh and His trunk are distinct from one another. However, there are other temples of eight Ganesh in various other parts of Maharashtra; the ones around Pune are more well known than the former. (Source -

It is believed that to complete the Ashtavinayak Yatra, one must revisit the first Ganpati after visiting all the eight Ganpatis.[1]

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