Diwali Annakut/Govardhan Puja Puzzle Game - 8 x 6 inches - Made in USA - Krishna | Diwali return gift | Puja return gift


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Give your kids, nieces & nephews a gift for Diwali - A jigsaw puzzle set themed around Annakut/Govardhan Puja. Use it as a fun way to explain to younger ones the significance of Annakut/Govardhan Puja.

Made in USA to Order. Original design

All puzzles are approximately 7.8 inches by 5.7 inches. Each puzzle has 20 pieces suitable for 4+ years old. Kid Friendly designed.

Annakut/Govardhan Puja

A long time ago, there was a little village where people believed in Lord Krishna. He was a very kind and powerful god who loved cows and nature. One year, the villagers prepared a huge feast with lots of delicious food, just to show how much they loved and appreciated Lord Krishna.

But instead of offering the food to statues of gods in a temple, they made a big mountain out of it, like a mountain of treats! They even decorated it beautifully with fruits, sweets, and all sorts of yummy things. This special mountain of food was called "Annakut."

This made Lord Krishna very happy, because he saw how much the villagers loved him and how thankful they were for all the good things he gave them, like food and nature.

Another important part of this celebration is Govardhan Hill. It's a hill that Lord Krishna once lifted up with his little finger to protect the villagers from a big storm. So, during Govardhan Puja, people make a small hill out of special foods to remember this amazing story.

People celebrate Annakut and Govardhan Puja by offering food, singing songs, and thanking God for everything they have. It's a time to be grateful and to share delicious food with family and friends. It's a very joyful and special day!

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Materials: chipboard